Doug James is Incredibly Thoughtful


Doug James is Incredibly Thoughtful

You and your team are so incredibly thoughtful and it means the world to us. Thank you for making the home buying/selling process a breeze. What drew us to you most in the beginning was how unassuming you were and that you never pushed us to make decisions. We appreciate you not presuming what we could afford for our age and taking us seriously. We know there aren’t many under 30’s purchasing a brand new build, so thank you for taking us seriously.

You and your team really thought of everything, down to even providing boxes, tape, and markers to help us pack up. We appreciate the honest advice you gave, and all the insight you had to offer.

Thank you for everything, I don’t picture us leaving our home anytime soon, but we will certainly let you know the next time we enter the market again, most likely for buying rental properties.

Take care, and please stay in touch!